A H.O.G.® Chapter is where lasting relationships are formed, where laughter is heard, where plans for dinner rides and fund-raisers come to life, where memories are made. It’s where people like you come together to share their common interest in Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the unique lifestyle that makes H.O.G.® so special.

Our motto is “Ride and Have Fun”, although at times it should be “Ride, Eat and Have Fun”. Aside from riding, we hold many functions and activities. We hold an annual Valentine Supper, Steak Supper, Crawfish Boil, and Christmas Party, just to name a few. We also try and get in a couple of overnight trips as a group each year.

We are proud to do our part in supporting MDA and hold fundraising activities throughout the year. The Ladies of Harley do an exceptional job at supporting and raising funds to donate to Miles Perret Cancer Services.