Cajun H.O.G.® Chapter 1681 holds monthly Chapter Meetings at Prejean’s Restaurant. The meetings are generally held the last Sunday of every month except December and begin at 9:00AM. There are certain instances when a meeting needs to be rescheduled, so it’s always a good idea to check our calendar. You can do so by clicking here.

The meetings are always informative, but most of all they’re fun. There are plenty of door prizes and a 50/25/25 drawing. Tickets for the door prizes and a 50/25/25 drawing are $1.00 a ticket, but if you wear your colors the tickets are 6 for $5.00 or 20 for $10.00. There is plenty of free coffee and biscuits, by the way, the sweet potato biscuits are so good, they’ll change your life!

If you’re not a member and would like to see what we’re all about, by all means stop by. If you’d like more information on joining Cajun H.O.G.® Chapter 1681, you can do so by clicking here.

Cajun H.O.G.® Chapter 1681 would like to thank Robert “Biker Bob” Guilbeau for allowing us to hold our monthly Chapter Meetings at his restaurant and supplying the coffee and biscuits. Please patronize his business and if you see him, please let him know how grateful we are.

Prejean’s Restaurant
3480 N.E. Evangeline Trwy. (I-49)
Lafayette, LA 70507
Phone (337) 896-3247
Fax (337) 896-3278